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West Sussex County Council elections - Crawley candidates

By This is Sussex  |  Posted: May 27, 2009

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ON JUNE 4, voters go to the polls to choose West Sussex county councillors to represent their part of Crawley.

Here, The News gives each candidate the chance to tell you why they should get your vote.


Edward Arnold

Lib Dem

IF I am elected to West Sussex County Council I hope to represent all of the people of Bewbush and Ifield West. I would like to improve the condition of the roads and support the police to keep the area safe.

In West Sussex, Liberal Democrats would like to keep any increase in council tax in line with inflation. We would also like to put the environment at the heart of what we do and also like to manage your money sensibly.

George Baldwin


I AM saddened by the decline of our overcrowded country. Uncontrolled immigration, in which Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats have all been complicit in, have lead to a massive strain on our services, particularly health, education and housing. Thousands of foreign newcomers are flooding into the south east every year, taking jobs at much lower wages than British workers. I strongly believe in British jobs for British workers. I am retired, having worked at APV for 14 years. I am married with grown up children and have lived in Ifield since 1955.

Adam Brown


ON JUNE 4 I am aiming to finally see the west of Crawley represented in the controlling group of the county council. The new smaller county division of Bewbush and Ifield West affords us the perfect opportunity to bring the concerns of residents into the Conservative administration rather than always being relegated to being represented by a minority party. As a member of the controlling group I will be able to ensure that there is a real voice for Bewbush and Ifield West, something that has been so far lacking.

Arshad Khan

Justice Party

THIS is Arshad's 11th election to serve Crawley.

Justice Party will end all immigration and asylum from Europe for rest of world.

Immigration and asylum is spoiling for those settled in Britain. Condoms will be given to poor countries instead of money, therefore poor countries can control population explosion.

All those health services transferred to East Surrey Hospital will be transferred back to Crawley Hospital. Existing Crawley Hospital can serve Crawley's population for next 40 years.

Life will mean 60 years in hard labour, not a day less. One week in hard labour will teach criminals what prison failed to teach in year, that crime does not pay.

Chris Oxlade - Bewbush and Ifield West

CHRIS is Crawley born and bred and been a presenter at Mercury FM since 1990, currently running the station's Charity and presenting Saturday breakfast.

Chris is deeply proud of Crawley, but grown tired of complaining to the council about things that are wrong, frustrated with little or no change.

That's why he is standing for election.

He said: "I'm a strong believer in community spirit and if elected will campaign for better services in Bewbush and Ifield West. That includes improved roads, support for our schools, fight to abolish the fees at adventure playgrounds plus more activities for young people"


Gillian Joyce


GILLIAN is married with three sons and has lived and worked in Crawley most of her life, serving as a county councillor for the last four years.

She's seen the evidence of the unfair distribution of resources that Crawley suffers from, like poor maintenance of our roads and intends to address this imbalance.

As a children's campaigner, she'll ensure your children have the education and social care they deserve, not the service the Conservatives at County Hall provide.

Gillian says "I will always put the people of Broadfield first and do my best to fight for what is right and fair".

Alan Quirk


I MOVED to Crawley in 1979 and am married with two grown up children who work in Crawley. I enjoy all sports but now watch rather than play.

I am involved locally and am a school governor. In 2004 I was elected as Crawley councillor for Broadfield and re-elected in 2006. I have been in the cabinet with responsibilities for community engagement. I continue to campaign for an acute hospital for Crawley, for our schools, youth provision and good roads.

Broadfield is up and coming up - a good place to live - I will do my best to ensure that this continues.


Keith Blake


AN AVIATION electronics engineer, Keith Blake has lived and worked in Crawley since 1974 after serving in the RAF. He worked for Rediffusion Flight Simulation then moved to British Caledonian Flight Training Centre. He retired in March this year. He married Sally in 1977.

Keith has been a governor of primary schools in Southgate and Bewbush and of Ifield Community College from 1988 to 1998 and was Chair of Governors at ICC in 1993.

A Crawley Borough Councillor for Gossops Green since 2004, Keith became cabinet member for environmental services in 2006.

He is chairman of the Crawley District Scouts Executive.

Barry Hamilton

Lib Dem

AS SOMEONE who does about 2,000 miles driving a week as part of my work, the main issue that I have with West Sussex County Council is the condition through lack of maintenance of the roads in the county. Some of the roads are so bad that they are a real danger to cyclists and motor cyclists.

John Mortimer


JOHN was born in Crawley is married to Pat with two daughters and two grandchildren. First elected to the county council 12 years ago, he was instrumental in getting much needed improvements for Ifield in various roads and closes. With more many roads and closes in Gossops Green and Ifield that badly need improvements, John will work tirelessly to get these done.

He will fight for:

*Decent roads and pavements, without potholes the Tories have allowed to build up for years.

*A Social Service department in Crawley that is properly funded and meets the National Standards required for all services.

Dennis Kenealy


I BELIEVE very strongly that there needs to be more police on our streets to help cut down on the crime we all have to suffer. Improving "housekeeping" on our streets would be a key objective. Currently, I liaise between the tenants of our sheltered housing scheme and the local council. I am a retired builder and have lived in Crawley for 55 years. I enjoy reading, gardening and visiting National Trust properties. I am married with grown up children.

Richard Symonds


The seven independent priorities:

1. Represent the people of Ifield Green and Gossops Green at County Hall.

2. Independent inquiry to investigate Councillor Expenses (similar to the investigation into MP Expenses.

3. Government inquiry to examine the closure (and re-opening) of Woodhall Care Home.

4. County inquiry to scrutinise the use of private corporations in running public services.

5. Disclosure of information to ensure democratic, crystal-like clarity - not Masonic-like secrecy.

6. Appeal to boundaries committee to change Ifield East to Ifield Green.

7. Independent manifesto commitment :

- Tell the truth

- Say sorry

- Encourage others to vote


Lee Gilroy


I HAVE lived in Crawley for 25 years and attended Holy Trinity School. I live with my wife Sharon and two children. I am a qualified bricklayer. I enjoy spending my leisure time with my family. I am an elected borough councillor for Broadfield South, sitting on many committees and thoroughly enjoying this role. I am also involved in many other community projects. It is time for a change in Langley Green and West Green, and with the support of my family, will work hard to make a difference and fairly represent the views of all residents at County Hall.

Kevin Osborne

Lib Dem

I AM standing in the election to represent my constituency and sort out potholes on the roads in Crawley, to make sure there are repairs and to check we have value for money on what West Sussex County Council spend. I also want to protect the greenbelt and get Crawley a better deal all round.

Brenda Smith


BRENDA is proud to have represented Langley Green for 18 years on Crawley Borough Council and will take that experience to work for West Green and Langley Green at County Hall.

Married to Jim Smith, who is retiring as county councillor for West Green and Langley Green, Brenda would be honoured to take on the role at County Hall, fighting for:

• Replacing Langley Green and West Green Primary Schools with modern, first class facilities.

• Major investment for our Pavements and roads

Brenda said: "I pledge to work tirelessly to achieve better provision for Langley Green and West Green."


Kieran Byrne


KIERAN has a strong and active involvement in Crawley. He has an empathy and understanding for residents and would fight passionately to make a difference on aspects of residents every day lives.

Angry at the serious lack of resource in road maintenance, safety and child social services, Kieran will fight for:

*Better road maintenance and an overhaul of pavements

*Vital investment into Child Services after Ofsted condemned the Conservative run Council

Kieran said: "I care about Crawley and would relish the chance to bring a younger voice onto the county council putting the residents of Maidenbower and Pound Hill first."

Suhas Pandya

Lib Dem

I AM of Indian stock but was born in East Africa and my multi-ethnic formative years were spent there before coming to England forty years ago. Whilst I live here in this country, my cultural standards were set in another and it might seem strange that therefore I have concerns for the poverty one sees in many families in England. Specifically, I use this term not only in the monetary sense but in the bonds that should exist both within and between all families.

Henry Smith


IT IS 15 years since my family and I moved to Maidenbower and it's an honour to be seeking your vote for re-election to the county council to represent you. In recent years it has been a privilege to help achieve, and officially open, Oriel High School, the new Crawley Library and household recycling site. What I am now campaigning for is a new hospital for our town with A&E and maternity.

As leader of the county council I have increased this year's highways budget for the Crawley area by an additional £1 million to improve much needed road maintenance.


Bob Burgess


LOCAL democracy is important. People are important. They have needs which should be listened to and concerns which should be acted on. These are two important roles of elected councillors.

In Northgate and Three Bridges there are major concerns about parking and the lack of adequate provision for young people.

Both these issues, when sorted, will improve the quality of life for the local people.

Elected councillors are charged with spending your money raised via the council tax. It is imperative money is spent wisely and efficiently to ensure delivery of good quality services and ensure good value for money.

Mark Taylor

English Democrats

MY NAME is Mark Taylor, aged 61 with four children, and I have lived in Crawley for seven years. I work as a Recruitment Consultant specialising in Medical Aesthetics.

I stood as a candidate for the EDP in the Northgate ward in 2007 and came third with 119 votes.

As this was my first time running for the seat, this was a fair result. I am standing this time as a candidate in the county council elections in the Northgate/Three Bridges ward.

My views are:

*I back the Three Bridges North Road campaign against the current council scheme, as this will damage a tranquil residential road.

*I am also against the imposition by the centralist New Labour Government of 7,500 houses on the already over-urbanised Crawley area which it sees as a soft target.

*I am in favour of those elements which create a feeling of community over that of relentless commercial merchandising in our town.

Geraint Thomas


A LIFELONG Crawley resident, Geraint is devoted to the town.

He retired after teaching geography for over 30 years in West Sussex, at schools including Hazelwick and St Wilfrid's, and will work to improve roads, pavements and residents' parking and provision for young people.

He will use his experience of education, planning and health to serve local people.

Geraint has recently challenged Conservative councillors to provide free swimming for under 16's and over 60's and over threats to the library service.

He said: "If elected, I will devote myself single-mindedly to speaking up for the people of Northgate and Three Bridges."

Malcolm Wickins

Lib Dem

I HAVE lived in Crawley for over 50 years and in all that time Chichester has been the seat of WSCC. If we had a north Sussex county council of Crawley, Horsham, Gatwick, East Grinstead and surrounding areas, then just perhaps we might get a bit more of the business tax that Gatwick Airport generates. That way we could spend a bit more on schools, police, roads, social housing and youth clubs. Plus councillors would have more time to spend on doing council work and less time travelling to and fro from Chichester.


Richard Burrett


RICHARD Burrett has been a very active Crawley Borough Councillor, representing Pound Hill North ward, for the past 17 years, and now hopes to have the opportunity to put his experience to good use representing the people of Pound Hill and Worth at County Hall. He is particularly concerned about highway issues and speeding in Pound Hill and Worth, and has worked successfully with local residents in pressing the County Council for safety improvements to residential roads in the area. He also has a strong track record of vocal opposition to cramming development pressures in Pound Hill.

Eddie Reay

Lib Dem

EDDIE has lived in Pound Hill since 1983. He works for the Royal Mail, is a member of St. Edward's Social Club and has a keen interest in the community.

Whilst the authorities have attended to aspects of general maintenance within Pound Hill, he believes that together with like-minded residents it is important that the monitoring role shall continue.

Despite the expressed need for a bus service from Pound Hill to Gatwick, this has not transpired but it will continue to be pursued.

He would be proud to represent Pound Hill and Worth at the wishes of the electorate.

David Shreeves


DAVID has lived in Crawley since marrying his Crawley born wife 25 years ago. An experienced local borough councillor, he is keen to see investment into the redevelopment of local shopping parades and other community areas in the town.

David will fight for - action on speeding vehicles through the neighbourhoods, such as the Balcombe Road and to assist in a safety solution to Worth Road. Address anti-social behaviour and vandalism around areas such as Milton Mount and Somerville Drive. Ridding Crawley of potholes, by using the under-funding capital, held by West Sussex County Council, to reinvest back into Crawley.


Linda Atkinson


I HAVE lived in Crawley for 21 years. I have seen Crawley decline at an alarming rate during that time – a decline which can only be attributed to years of failure by both Labour and Conservative administrations. I want to work with you to reverse that decline. Ensuring that local people are housed first and opposing council spending on translation services are my top priorities. I am 59-years -old and married with grown-up sons. I enjoy fundraising for a lifeboat charity and for the British Legion.

Howard Bloom


HOWARD started his medical career in Crawley Hospital in 1977 and went

into general practice in Gossops Green in 1981. He represented Gossops

Green on the borough council for seven years and was re-elected councillor

for Southgate in 2006. Howard is Mayor of Crawley for 2008/09 and was

chair of the Development Control Committee. He has represented the borough

on the WSCC Health Overview Committee for the last three years and he is

committed to improving provision of hospital services for Crawley and

improving problems and local issues in Southgate, particularly parking

and anti-social behaviour.

Michael Jones


MICHAEL Jones is a 33-year-old solicitor who has previously served as a councillor at West Sussex. A resident of East Park, he lives in


Michael will fight for:

*Streets in good repair, without the potholes the Tories have allowed to build up.

*Addressing areas with parking problems and ensuring safer roads.

*Our brand new library to be open when all Crawley residents can use it, including Sunday opening.

*Social Services to get the investment and staff needed to meet the

standards required.

Michael said: "I will work tirelessly for the best possible deal for Crawley".


Vernon Atkinson


I WILL put local, long-established Crawley people first for Crawley and ensure that our council resources prioritise local people. I will oppose any further development on school and recreation fields. We should protect these facilities for our local children. I am 59 years old and run a floor contracting business. I am married with grown up sons, and have lived in Crawley for 21 years.

Duncan Crow


DUNCAN has been county councillor for Tilgate and Furnace Green since 2005. He serves on the strategic environmental services committee, the standing advisory council for religious education and the east Crawley county local committee. He is also working with West Sussex Ahead of the Game which is seeking to maximise the benefits of the 2012 Olympics for West Sussex residents.

He is pushing for improvements to the roads and pavements in Crawley, and if re-elected will continue to make a constructive contribution to WSCC to ensure the best possible services for the lowest possible council tax.

Ian Irvine


IAN is a former pupil of Tilgate's Thomas Bennett School as well as a former councillor. He would demand that the county council takes urgent action to repair Tilgate and Furnace Green's dangerously potholed roads. He said: "The Tory county council spends £2.7 million on press and publicity but leaves the roads repair budget short."

Ian fully supports the Labour Government's steps to revive the economy and avoid economic disaster. The Conservatives would have done nothing.

He continues: "I would speak up for Tilgate and Furnace Green's residents. I will give you a strong and effective voice at County Hall."

Darren Wise

Lib Dem

DARREN Wise, 38, lived in Furnace Green all his life. He has spina bifida and hydrocefolus but that does not stop him from being involved in hospital radio. He has campaigned for equal rights for the disabled for roughly 10 years to get access for all.

Darren would like to become a county councillor for Furnace Green and Tilgate to be able to make Furnace Green and Tilgate an even safer place to live and bring up children. This includes improving street lighting, road and play areas for the youth of the area.

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    Richard W. Symonds, Ifield  |  May 27 2009, 9:30PM

    If we don't vote, nothing will change...and it might get even worse. If we vote, something may change...and it might get even better.